Do deals while you sleep. ZERO tech skills needed.

In an era of automation and improved technology to help you get your best deals conquered with zero knowledge required with advanced technology — this will definitely give you an edge in getting your way to success!   By using technology and automation as a tool to find people who are highly motivated sellers and real estate agents. 

This new technology allows you to create an automation process that is super easy to follow.  And if you are one of those people who “are not into technology,” don’t worry, the ease of access with this user-friendly interface that is being introduced will have you changing your tune about technology. 

This automated tool is called Bots, “Imagine if a website funnel and an email marketer met on Facebook and had a love child,” it's a wide variety of based to communicate. A system that allows you to connect with seamless communication between buyer and seller and will let you take advantage of automation. Employment competition between automation and manual labor will never be a big deal but should work hand in hand, and people shall take advantage of using it.

Matt Leitz, the Founder, and CEO of BotBuilders, provided tips on how to capitalize with automation and technology, how the automation process will help sellers to close deals and buyers to fight for their deals and most of all to save hours of work using this technology. Sellers are spending Time dealing with buyers to make sure to get the deal. But what if you can interactively deal with multiple buyers without spending too much time? You will have a higher chance of getting an increase in your success rate in selling than manually responding and conversing with each of the inquiries. Doesn't that sound like a dream come true? 

Considering this kind of technology, one must decide whether they want this automation and help from the expert team of BotBuilders. 

There are three ways of becoming a BotBuilder; with these, there is no reason that you will not get the best result to get your success.

  1. Do-it-yourself
  2. Done-for-you
  3. Do-it-together

#1 Misconception about Bots: Bots are not to replace humans; hence it will filter unwanted conversation and create more profitable and productive conversations. People get answers faster than spending too much time without getting anywhere.

#2 Misconception about Bots: This is not Artificial Intelligence, Bots intended to create Awesome Interactions using conversational marketing. This builds a more interactive conversation way better than a regular transactional inquiry. 

#3 Misconception about Bots: You do not need to be tech-savvy, this will ease your mind, Bots are fun using ManyChat, and there is no coding or experience required! Where one of its features will make you sound like and look professional using the deal negotiating robot and will create an impression with your buyers and clients. And no matter who you are, you can do this.

Based on the recent reports, Facebook topped the social media platforms used by U.S. adults as a messaging tool, including advertisements and promotions.

There are roughly 1.5 billion active Facebook Messenger users, and 80% of Americans use messenger apps regularly. Messenger app messages are 5 times more than the regular text messages, and business messages grew four times in a year since 56% prefer messenger over the phone with businesses. 

To help you see the difference between the regular platforms and communication with the buyers and client, a comparison below is presented:

Also, with the features that Bots offer Instagram, iMessage, Whatsapp, and RCS will be included. That means more communication and messaging platforms will be part of the system and will get more ways to communicate with buyers and clients.

The increasing rate of subscribers opted in and find the best results, with the recent reports presented by BotBuilders from 25,000 to 150,000 subscribers are now investing and gaining with this tool and evidently increase their success rate from 50% to 70%.

There are two resources you need to work on it. We need to identify which is essential Time Vs. Money. The Freedom of flexibility which is one of the benefits of getting this technology, spending more on your personal life rather than getting most of it working hard.  Saving Time is saving money, spending money to save time will help you gain more deals, and increase your rate of success.