Episode 11: Acquiring Properties From Bank Asset Managers: A Conversation with Jason Lucchesi

jason shatnerJason Lucchesi is a real estate investor and BFF to William Shatner from the Indianapolis, IN area.

Jason's been in the real estate and mortgage business since 2002. He got out of the rat race back in 2008 to pursue his dream of becoming a full time real estate investor.

In 2009, Jason's primary business was investing in short sale opportunities. A few years ago he began investing in distressed notes and over the course of 12 months he closed a little over 60 note deals. He's currently acquiring properties directly from bank asset managers.

Take a listen as he and Matt discuss the ins & outs of this strategy.

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Episode 10: The Secret to Getting Deals Done: A Conversation with Nathan Jurewicz

Matt & Nathan in Times Square

Nathan Jurewicz is a sales & marketing guru who made his mark in the real estate investing niche. He created a unique short sale system that banked him over $118,000 in a single month and then taught other investors how to do the same thing.

Armed with a homeschool education and the best hair in South Tampa, Nathan is greatly respected in both the real estate and internet marketing worlds.

Nate succeeds in finding creative solutions to any problem. He firmly believes the only way to succeed is to fail your way there and that the successful are separated from the unsuccessful simply because they didn't give up.

So download the latest episode and learn how to fail from one of our most successful friends!

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12 States That Are Still Getting Buried Under Foreclosures

Foreclosure filings were down 3% in November from the previous month–that's a decrease of 19% from the previous year.
The numbers seem to be moving in the right direction, but there were still 180,817 homes that received foreclosure filings. Here is a list of the states with the highest number of foreclosures:

1. Wisconsin
2. Washington
3. Indiana
4. Michigan
5. Georgia
6. Arizona
7. Ohio
8. South Carolina
9. California
10. Illinois
11. Nevada
12. Florida

For details on each state, read the full article here: Foreclosure Filings